African Conservation and Development Foundation (ACDEF)


 ACDEF is a not-for-profit international organisation headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom.This organisation believes in the power of collective efforts in reaching regional to global targets in the area of sustainable development in Africa. With a well-established local network at all levels in Africa, ACDEF is a platform constituted of biologists, economists, development experts, environmental lawyers, conservation and development activists bonded by the common drive to overcome the daunting challenges facing Africa in reaching the UN Millennium Development Goals and tackling the current and emerging threats from climate change. 

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ACDEF’s mission is to use holistic conservation to reduce poverty and to tackle the challenges of environmental degradation and climate change in Africa.It advocates for the sustainable use of the continent's vast array of renewable natural resources to improve the wellbeing of the human population.


The activities of the African Conservation and Development Foundation are brought together under two main programmes: Nature and People Programme, and Global Programme.

The Nature and People Programme capitalises on the market for environmental services and particularly on the current and future opportunities offered by the international carbon finance and climate change to promote the social and economic development of the marginalised human populations.

The Global Programme of ACDEF focuses on cross-cutting issues to bring people to live in harmony with Nature in Africa.This programme also produces resources and materials to inform policy and advocacy debates locally and globally while ensuring that the necessary skills are embedded locally through capacity building, training and research.